jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011


You're falling down with this
In a world that you can't hide

1, 1, 1, go!
What a danger full of you
Safe at home I feel it's hard
When it comes into the dark
I count from six to everyone

2, 2, 2, run!
Wheather's gonna change
And I have felt so guilty
But now I see you never knew
I don't know if you'll say the truth

Severity... and punishment

3, 3, 3, cry!
Yell out and suffer forever
If you try to escape you'll know
Whatever it takes to be
What can I do to let you free?

4, 4, 4, rise up!
Simple lifes must show
What they have the power
In their hands for
All fall back nevermore

Severity... and punishment

5, 5, 5, lies!
Afraid to say, afraid to pay
You just want to be on the way
You just try to keep your life
Afraid to die, afraid to fight

6, 6, 6, what? 6, 6, 6!
Do you believe in me?
Do you think it's bullshit?
How many times have you wanted to see?
We're sane but we'll always be sick.